Electrical Work

It is rare to find a home nowadays without electricity connection. However, it is one thing to have an electrified home and totally another for that home to have all its electrical connections and components working right. Many homeowners suffer from faulty electrical components while others incur huge costs hiring electricians who are not up to the task with their wiring needs.

When you come to us, you will certainly know that you are in the right place for all your electric work from installation of fans and light switches all the way to household lighting fixtures. We have built a reputation in this area as the go-to handyman service provider for both large and small electrical jobs.

Ceiling Fan Installation, Repair and Replacement

With the rising cost of central air conditioners, some homeowners find solace in new and improved ceiling fans. If this is you then you need to contact us whenever you have a ceiling fan that needs installation or repair. Installing fans on your own is dangerous because it involves lots of electrical work which can at times get complicated.

It is in your best interests that you contact our fully trained and licensed technicians. We take pride in fixing such issues for our clients and ensure they function properly. Our ceiling fan installation team is trustworthy, locally managed, and experienced to get your project done right the first time.

Motion Detectors, Dimmers and Timers

If you want to install new timers, dimmers and motion detectors in your house, our home improvement professionals can be of immense value to you. These installations and repairs can at times be complex and risky that is why it makes a lot of sense to let them be handled by professionals like us.

There are lots of reasons why these installations are important in your home and one of them is the fact that they increase its value. This means if you want to sell your home at any point, these installations will be one of the selling points.

Hard-to-reach Smoke Detectors and Bulbs

Have you experienced an instance where your lights burn out or your smoke alarms need a change of batteries, but the ceilings are so tall that you cannot simply do the job yourself? If yes, you are honest and cautious which is a very commendable approach to life. Many other homeowners struggle to do the job themselves and this is why they often fall and pick up injuries. Allow us to handle the job for you.

Light Fixture Installation, Repair and Replacement

Installing new lighting fixtures can transform your home and give you a different perspective that makes you value it more. While it is true that upgrading, repairing or replacing your lighting is not so complicated, it can be time consuming and potentially dangerous because of the electric connections involved. Our team of trained technicians can do the installations for you and if you have any repairs, we are qualified as well to handle that too.

We always prioritize safety in our electrical installation and repair jobs whether we are handling small, medium or large jobs. You can trust us for quality and professional services.