Deck and Patio Repair

A patio or a deck can be such a wonderful addition to your home whether you are looking for a space to curl up with an exciting book, a space to throw a summer barbecue or just to entertain guests. Unfortunately, decks by their very design are exposed to the elements which mean when it rains, gets windy or snows, your deck bears the brunt of the damage. However, our deck repair professionals are here to ensure it looks its best.

Common Problems with Decks and Patios

There are lots of problems your decks face including:

  • Loose hand rails
  • Rotten, cracked or loose wood
  • Overly pliant boards
  • Weak and aged support posts

Our handymen can be able to fix all the above problems and many more. When you call us, we shall assign you a team of technicians who will arrive at your home in our branded vehicle, inspect the damage and perform the necessary fixes making your deck and patio usable, beautiful and safe.

If your deck or patio is simply beyond repair, we can help you put up a new structure. Whatever the case, you can be confident working with us because our main goal is to ensure your outdoor living space serves you and your family for ages to come.

Deck Maintenance

It is not always that you want your deck repaired, but may be you just want some advice or maintenance services. We have various deck maintenance solutions including re-staining and sealing. These are very important services we offer our clients to ensure their deck wood is protected from moisture which is the leading cause of deck repairs.

Our staining experts give you one of the fastest ways to enhance the appearance of your deck. Unfortunately, sealing and staining are not as easy tasks and as such we discourage homeowners from doing it themselves. Some of our clients have damaged their decks this way which is totally unnecessary if what stands between you and a professional service provide is a simple phone call.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Irrespective of the kind of deck repair we are doing, we observe the highest standard of workmanship for quality output. The fact that we are fully insured is enough to relieve you of any liability resulting from bad workmanship, damages to property, or worker injuries.

Because we know the job like the back of our hands, we get it done right the first time. We are very serious about every promise we make to you and this is why we go to an extent of guaranteeing our workmanship.

Local Ownership and Management

There is nothing as relaxing as knowing that your trusted deck repair company is locally owned. All our operations are done locally with full knowledge of the challenges that exists here. This is why it becomes very easy for us to bond with our clients while giving them services that are well above and beyond their expectations.

If you have a deck and not quite happy with its appearance or it is somewhat dilapidated and in need of repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.